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October in Seven Years

I was inspired by Hilda Grahnat’s newest blog post. Here are my activities for the month of October from 2005 to 2011.

10/18/2005: A beach trip with my family to Batangas.

10/25/2006: A trip to Thailand serves as my birthday gift.

10/25/2007: I spent my sembreak in Japan with my sister.

10/15/2008: Spelunking in Sagada with my org friends.

10/10/2009: Big bonfire party for our win at the UAAP.

10/06/2010: All aboard the Galeon Andalucia.

10/10/2011: Sundays at Mary Grace Cafe. They have yummy salads.

Now, I’m going to spend the last part of October and the rest of November in Japan. How awesome is that? Anyway, I’m amazed at how I’ve experienced so many things during the month of October. Going through my photo albums give me a retrospective of how great my life is turning out to be.

Ask Me Anything!

Kcornelio asked…

She’s so thin now! She really lost 5 kg.! Now, she just has to tone.

Franck says that he’ll force Mama to exercise with him in the morning. Lol! Did you eat at Gundam Cafe? We’re going to a maid cafe in Akihabara.

Blackwisteria asked…

Oks lang yun. Cheap Barbie lang yan. Lol. Forever hipster ka talaga! XD Miss you!

Not a hipster, dear. Miss you too! Want anything from Japan?

On Japan

Time cannot go fast enough for me.

In a few days, I will boarding a plane and heading off to the country I already call my second home. Japan has always been a fascinating place and I always discover something new and exciting each time I visit it.

I’m dying to visit the Ghibli Museum again as well as the temples in Kyoto. DisneySea will also be in my itinerary since I never miss a chance to go to the my happy place whenever I could. I’m also going to visit a maid cafe in Akihabara (my first time!)

I love you Japan! I can’t wait to see you again!

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Last Chow In Macau

I’m finally back in my regular programming. Thank you to my dear friend, Diane, for taking the time from her hard-earned vacation to fix up my website. I really should start studying CSS in case something happens again in the future.

Anyway, this will be my last post about Macau. I’m pretty sure most of you are tired of seeing pictures of the same country for the last few months. Forgive me, I just had so much to share with everyone. I do hope you enjoyed reading up on my adventures in Macau though. 

The pictures above are of the last meal I took in Restaurante Vela Latina. It’s located just in front of the Senado Square. I wonder if anyone can tell me what’s the name of the food I ate in the middle pictures. It was the most memorable dish I ate in Macau and I regret not writing down the name of this dish. If you happen to chance upon this restaurant order the same dish. You won’t regret it!

Also, I’m going to Japan at the end of October and staying there for a month. I can’t wait! The next updates I will have are all going to be about my application for visa, my itinerary, and packing. I’m so excited! I’ll definitely keep you all posted. Until then!